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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 26, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EST

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incumbent is very powerful. economy is getting better and exceeding expectations. i'll use your own word, the economy is not getting better. >> sean: good to see you, thank you, greta is next. see you tomorrow. >> greta: tonight the fight is dirty and it's getting dirtier. house l house minority leader drops a bomb on newt gingrich. >> there is something i know. the republicans if they choose to nominate them, that is their present rog tiff. i don't think it's going to happen. >> greta: speaker gingrich is telling pelosi to bring it on. now, the flaming controversy is coming up in a few minutes. new push to get donald trump to run for president and his own daughter is the force behind it. what is he is saying and what is she doing and what does he think about it? donald trump is here. plus john mccain blasting
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president obama. he is calling the state of the union speech the state of the campaign. and mccain is here to go on the record but the first the fight for florida. the sunshine state holds the next primary and it will be sizzler. why is florida such a critical test? it will be the largest and most diverse state and the candidates know it. they are racing from the east coast to west coast to the panel handle in a mad dash for all the votes. rick santorum joins us from west palm beach. good evening, sir. i guess the question how are you doing, sir? >> you can't beat the weather down here. it's been really wonderful. we've had great events today. we're heading up to the panhandle tonight actually going up to toll that has si and we have debate tomorrow night. so we're looking for a good day.
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>> you are pounding the pavement knocking on doors. but it's a lot bigger state, florida and lot less time to actually do this. what is it you want to get out because you have got this side show going on with governor romney and speaker gingrich literally poking each other's eyes out? >> it shows the weakness in their candidacy. they are not going back and forth on issues. they are going back and forth on personal attacks relating to the voters. that is why i've been saying from the beginning. let's look who is the best candidate who take on barack obama and make him the issue in this race. we don't need a candidate who is going to come with a suitcase full of problems that the media and barack obama will spend billions of dollars to beat up on. we need a strong conservative who has got clear contrasts with president obama to go to take it
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to him. >> greta: it would seem to work in the perfect world if it truly political arena, but the fact it's far different for better or worse but negative ads they really work. the food fight that going on between the two of them is giving them all the publicity. everybody is talking about it. if you want to get issues out of the way, you are in a state where there are ten media markets. not a good recipe that is facing you? >> i understand. florida was tough challenge for us. we are delivering our message. we held fund-raisers down here that have been very successful. we're going to come out florida pretty good financial position. this is the fourth state of 50 plus because you have territories that are going to vote. we're going to compete in all of them. we believe as the campaign goes on, we're going to do very well. we're going to have our opportunity to be able to rise
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and win states and take this nomination. i have no doubt that as the american public goes through the primary process and looks at the candidates who has best chance of beating obama, who has the conviction and the fortitude and courage to be able to take it and drive this country in the bright right direction, they are going to head in our direction. >> greta: why are -- it seems to me the numbers largely are stagnant. is that governor romney numbers has not changed very much. to is extent any has mofz is speaker gingrich, yours are not really moves. they are not moving in florida. you are a distant third place. congressman ron paul is behind you. why can't you get those poll numbers to inch up to move? >> at this point all the media is being brought by the top
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candidates. we feel very good that we've got a solid base of support here. i think again just like in every other race, we're going exceed expectations. we're going to do better than the polls indicate in every race we've run. the response we're getting is great. we've got a lot of enthusiastic grassroots efforts going on here. again, i'm not making any great predictions about florida. we're not spending the money the other candidates are. >> greta: i'm curious, south florida, when you go to these campaign events does the topic of israel come up? >> almost all the time. not just in florida. it did in south carolina, new hampshire and iowa. people care it. they want someone who stands by israel, who understands the threat of radical islam. >> greta: does that issue come up more than the economy?
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what is the one that people are on the street asking at the events, economy or jobs every time somebody reaches for you? >> it's the economy. the bigger issue is the size and scale of government and what it is doing to the economy and what it is doing to our freedom, what it is doing to the deficit and our economic situation. clearly here in florida, jobs, home ownership, 45% are under water in their homes and they are looking for someone who has an idea. growing the manufacturing base. it was interesting that president obama led his address on the very issue i have led my campaign on. it's the blue collar workers and industrial states are leaving him in droves because he hasn't done anything to create jobs and economic opportunities for the folks he says he cares most about. that is what our campaign has been about. we say that even here in florida if you have a healthy industrial economy in this country, healthy
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manufacturing, those folks can sell their homes and move down here like they want to. >> greta: i understand your tax returns, they are on the computer. can't you just say print? >> we have a combination things on my computer. things in files. the answer is, i need to get home to do those. they are on my home computer. i don't have access to it here. i have to get home to do it. i'm heading home saturday on to do it. >> greta: how many years will you be releasing them and what day will you be releasing them? >> i release them sometime next week, probably sunday or monday. i'm going to have to get home to see what i have. >> greta: you said at least three years. three years at least, irs breathing down your neck looking for information. are you willing to release three years so we get a better picture
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of the financials? >> i'm going to look how far back i go i'll go back more than three years whether i have complete returns and whether i kept those things. we've moved a couple times. i'll see what i have and be as open and transparent on this issue as i can. wait and see. it's going to be lot more legs than everybody else has in this campaign. >> greta: if you show more than three years you are a glut on for punishment. former house speaker newt gingrich is challenging nancy pelosi to put up or shut up. she has implied she knows dark secrets about gingrich, secrets that could torpedo his candidacy. >> he is not going to be president of the united states. that is not going to happen. i stand i by my prediction, it isn't going to happen. >> why are so sure? >> there is something i know.
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the republicans, if they choose to nominate him that is their prerogative, i don't think that is going to happen. >> greta: pelosi refuses to fell what she claims to know and speaker gingrich fires back? >> if she knows something she ought to say something. this is baloney. i don't think any republican is going to be threatened by nancy pelosi. frankly i would rather threaten me than endorse me. if she has something bring it up. i'm happy for her to bring it up. >> greta: so is it something to important to tell the voters. is she playing dirty politics. joe trippi joins us. either disclose it? >> why, i think she is helping him. i don't know what could help a
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republican than have nancy pelosi can threaten you with an attack. if there is something sneaky it could be her trying to make newt the nominee. >> greta: cute and clever and it's rotten. it's dirty in a whispering campaign. everybody knows in a position that is serving on the ethics committee. there are people that take it tomorrow at the debates. so it's like, it's not fair? >> again. it's politics, rough and tumble. >> greta: it's deceitful? >> if she doesn't ever anything, it's deceitful? >> think he is right. put up or shut up. it does seem, she is stepping back a little bit. look, they don't like each other. they haven't look each other and it's payback time and that is
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how washington works. >> greta: but it's a disgraceful part of it. my home state looking for jobs and they would really like to have system honor and integrity. people at the top of the party are doing horrible things, lame things you wouldn't let your children do, it isn't good. >> that is what is wrong with the whole town. the president gives a speech and at no point, only a couple times everybody stands up and applauds the president and actually looks beyond the partisanship. the fact of the matter he is running for president of the united states. he himself says he is going to take all these hits. romney is going to take the hits. whoever survives it is going to be better for surviving it, better candidate against obama. >> greta: if they are aggressive debates based in fact and you step up to the plate.
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i do think she took it to a whole new level with sneaky stuff in saying that. i think that is completely different level? >> i just don't think so. >> you've been around longer than i have. >> romney basically saying, newt is unfit to be president. he did this whole litany of stuff to describe newt and then said, someone like that is unfit to be the republican nominee. basically calling the guy unfit. unstable. they are doing this each other and it's hurting independents and both him and romney. >> greta: but the leader was in a unique position for better and worse and it is ugly what is going on but the horrible things they say about each other and one wins, they be patting each
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other on the back. she was in a unique position as member of the ethics committee. for some reason to me that is sort of something i know extra stuff. i'm not just telling you. i don't like it. >> i think it was mistake. the reason it's a mistake. she is trying to hurt newt gingrich, i don't think she is hurting him. in republican primaries he is helping him. any time pelosi says something bad about republicans it helps. >> greta: in the whole history, who is most honorable politician you've ever met? >> the one that sticks out, one of the one that sticks is fritz mondale was really an honorable guy. he was the guy that went into the convention and said i won't lie to you i will raise your taxes. it killed us.
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he told you, he spoke the truth. he was really a very decent person. >> greta: joe, nice to see you. donald trump's daughter speaking out and about her father running for president. wait until you hear what she says. what does donald think? donald trump is coming up and john mccain is talking about the state of the union speech. you'll hear from senator mccain. rush limbaugh wants to see someone's tax returns. someone's tax returns. who is it? americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship.
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together for your future. ♪
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>> greta: don't trump's daughter said. does she want her father to reconsider and run for president. he shear donald trump. >> hello greta. >> greta: i want to read two things to. from hollywood and this is your daughter, ivanca. he hasn't decided yet but i think he would make a good president. i think he would be phenomenal and follows a tweet from you, my daughter says i think i should run for president.
1:19 am
maybe i should listen. is the door open? >> ivanca is understanding and it's nice to know she loves her father but it would nice to have some candidates and compete fairly with each other and ultimately one will win but don't destroy each other. they are absolutely destroying each other. >> greta: you say maybe i should listen. what does that mean? >> a lot of people want me to run. i'm getting it all the time. you saw the poll that came out i was the number one independent candidate. i am concerned if i run as an independent that i'll take a lot of votes away from republicans and obama will walk in and that does concern me. >> greta: farther down the road considering running than the last time we spoke or not? >> you know i can't run during the course of the show. laws prohibit it and equal time laws make it impossible to run
1:20 am
during the show, the apprentice. i don't have a a choice, let's see what happens. >> greta: so you don't have a decision? >> i'm not allowed to make that decision. >> greta: is it fair to say, though, that you are leaning in one direction. i know you can't make the decision, how about leaning? >> let's not use the word leaning. i'm very disappointed what is happening in this country that the republicans are absolutely killing each other. somebody can say -- oh, gee that keeps them in the press or keeps them in the news. last year it was over fairly early and john mccain is wonderful guy but nobody talked to him for a long time and obama ended winning so maybe it's a positive but i don't think so. i think they are doing destruction to the republican party. >> greta: so even a hint?
1:21 am
>> i would love to tell you during the course of the show, unfortunately i'm not allowed to announce anything so i guess i can't. >> greta: the other thing the president said last night he is going to get tough on chinese? >> right. that is a joke. i heard that and i just laughed to myself. china is laughing along with me. they can't believe what they are getting away with. he is saying that people are understanding before him that china is walking away with this country. say what you want a lot about companies, i had a lot of respect for steve jobs and liked him. it would be so much better if they made their product here. that would be the real success for apple if they could make their product at least some of it in this country. >> greta: you say its joke. are you saying the president is enthused about it? do you think he is sincere about trying? >> i don't think he is knows. i think she way over his head.
1:22 am
i don't think he knows what is happening. this is the first time i heard a statement from him. he has been listening to me probably on your show. i've been saying this for three years. all of a sudden he comes out with this stuff. i was absolutely shocked when i heard him all of a sudden make this strong statement about china. what is he doing? he is doing nothing. his speech was all rhetorical. it was just words and very boring. >> greta: besides being boring, is there anything he said that you thought, ha. it's a great idea? >> great thing would have been about china but he doesn't follow through. begs thing he said was his stance on china. i loved that. unfortunately he is not going to do anything about it. his ambassador and his representative, i've dealt with the man, it's pathetic. it's absolutely pathetic. i've had dealings with him. they are so afraid of china it's
1:23 am
like i've never seen anything like it. he won't do anything. it's just words. the problem with his speech, it's the same words over and over again. you are almost wasting time, nothing will happen. i did like what he said about china. unfortunately he won't follow through. >> greta: if had you to vote today for president, is it romney, gingrich, santorum or ron paul and why? >> i'm not going to say, but i will tell you it's probably at some point i'm going to have make a decision. they do want my endorsement at least three of them do. >> greta: there must be one that spiking your interest, something going on he said in the past couple days. everybody is watching this closely and you know you are? >> i am watching it very closely. there are real positives for
1:24 am
romney and real positives for gingrich. i think as an example governor romney should than more proud of the american dream. it's like he is trying to hide something and that there is nothing to hide with being successful. newt has done a good job in many ways. i like both men very much. i've gotten do know them very well. at some point i'm going to make a decision. >> greta: who do you think is going to win florida. you have a home in florida. you have a sense of who you think is going to prevail? >> look, you see what has happened with the polls. two weeks ago, mitt was way up. now it looks like he is drown in the polls but tremendous momentum. it's all about momentum. it's never been like this before. there has never been a race like this before. from one week, people go up 25 points in one week. nobody has heard a thing like this. it has to do with momentum. when newt won south carolina and he won it big. it seems to be carrying over to
1:25 am
florida. >> greta: donald, thank you very much. >> coming up, senator john mccain said he had to hide his anger and it wasn't easy. what has senator mccain so steamed? and they did it again, a special ops pull off another flawless operation the same force that killed osama bin laden and this time to rescue an american [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> greta: a scathing critique, senator john mccain is blasting president obama for his address. earlier tonight we spoke with mccain about obama's speech and his trip to his home state to arizona. >> greta: the president was visiting and he should stop at border. do you care to expand? >> president has never been to the arizona mexico border. think he has been once to el paso, texas. there are still issues influx of drugs into our country through and from meteorologist co-. there is incredible violence, some 40,000 mexicans have been killed in the last six years.
1:30 am
it would be nice to take a very short trip from phoenix where he is and go down and see the border. find out and talk to the border patrol. find out why it is one of our border patrolman that was killed by a gun that was in this fast furious purchase of guns that ended up in carr tell members. >> your governor has asked for this and giffords wanted things done along the border. why don't you think he won't go to the border? >> i don't know why. but it's one of the situations we have cartel members on mountaintops in arizona as the drug cartels go up north into phoenix. they are mountaintops and guide them and warn them where the border patrol is.
1:31 am
the drugs get to phoenix and they are distributed all over america. so when we talk about the issue of immigration, i think it's important we do, but i think it's also, you can't really have a rationale conversation about it unless you talk about the billions of dollars of drugs that are coming into our country and corruption it breeds and problems in mexico that is direct result of the drug trafficking. >> greta: if some young person listened to the state of the union said how do you like it? >> i think it's state of the campaign. clearly it was very partisan campaign speech. >> greta: anything other than that? >> i think there is degrees of it. i think this probably most partisan i've seen. some of it i just had to kind of smile otherwise i would have gotten angry. for example, he immediately
1:32 am
talked about iraq. iraq is spiraling out of control because we didn't leave a residual force there that we needed of some 20,000 american troops. >> greta: he is saying it's a great thing. troops are out. suggesting things are going well. are you talking about a different country? >> we must be talking about different countries. things are very serious in iraq, violence has escalated dramatically there. the vice president is hiding out in kurdistan, the prime minister malaki thinks things are very serious there. as we predicted they would be. but president obama made a campaign promise he would get everybody out of iraq. i'm very worried. in the case of afghanistan, again, he is pulling the troops out early. still the recommendations of the military that be provided and
1:33 am
poses much greater risk whether we can succeed or not. last night he said anybody who says that it's not pursued that the united states is weakening throughout the world doesn't know what they are talking about. well, i can assure you i have talked to many leaders around the world especially in the middle east that believe that the united states is withdrawing and is weakening. >> greta: are you saying he doesn't know what he is talking about then? >> i am saying he must be talking to very people than i do. i talk to the leaders of these middle east countries and i talk to them around the world. leading from behind is not what they admire. >> greta: something is very wrong, two different views of the world. he said last night, to the effect, that more of america in
1:34 am
the world and you smile? >> but he said he would stand up for human rights and freedom in the world. in 2009 there was a flawed election election iran. people were chanting in the streets, obama are you with us. he refused to give them a single word of encouragement. it was the naive assumption that he could negotiate with the iranians. by the way, he was talking about also the effect of sanctions. they have been harmful to the iranians and made life more difficult for them. he has not swayed them from the path they are on of developing nuclear weapons. >> greta: watching the state of the union the democrats and
1:35 am
republicans be sitting there, the s the state of the union does it really have any real function in terms for americans? is it real theater in the end? >> i think the first thing we should do, why don't we agree with republicans and democrats to remain seated. applaud quietly if you want to. what is the point of jack-in-the-box or jumping up and down. there is no point in it. it lengthens the speech. it went over an hour last night. you know what the attention span of average american viewer is. it would be much more effective if any president were able to deliver his speech rather than have all these interruptions that go on. i sat with a senator from north carolina. she would jump up. i would have to get up. [ laughter ] >> it is what it is. >> greta: nice to see you.
1:36 am
>> thanks. >> greta: they did it again. u.s. special forces rescued a woman held hostage in somalia. you'll hear details of the dangerous raid. is the president holding a grudge against jan brewer moments after air force one landed in arizona. president obama has a confrontation with governor ♪
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. heavy rain and several tornadoes ravaging parts of texas wednesday. some drivers forced to abandon their cars in dallas, after they became stuck in the water up to the windshield. record rainfall drenching austin. the national weather service reporting tornadoes touched down near austin, san antonio and
1:41 am
houston, damaging houses and businesses. there are no reports of any injuries. another sign that the federal reserve is not bullish on an economic recovery. fed chairman ben bernanke said it is unlikely the fed will raise interest rates in the next several years. but they could change their mind if there is a significant financial upswing. interest rates have been at a record low of practically zero for 3 years now. for your headlines, check out our web site, >> greta: daring raid and rescue. they parachute into somalia. u.s. commanders ohs killed all pirates. we now know why he praised the leon panetta. >> good job tonight. good job tonight.
1:42 am
>> greta: kimberly joins us. what happened? >> president and his team were actually watching this raid just before he gave the state of the union address. navy seals from seal team six carried out the raid on osama bin laden, same team, parachuted in and hiked to this remote encampment where the hostages had been held since october and circled the encampment and quickly subdued. there were nine somalis killed. they called for u.s. army helicopters to spirit them, no seals injured. hostages safe and now young american aide worker is on her way back home. >> greta: and she is fine? >> she is fine. one of the reasons they carried out the raid when they did is because they heard of a worsening health situation. thead been watching and had
1:43 am
tipsters on the ground and she needed medical treatment. we don't know what disease but that is why they moved. >> greta: we've traveled so much and you in particular. you've had experience that none of us what, actually injured. when we see american military exercise something like this so flawlessly. it makes a difference, doesn't it? >> there is such a high risk but flawless it was. seal team that carried it out did have hostage rig that did not go well in afghanistan and lost a british hostage. they threw a grenade and accidentally hit her linda norgrove. this was great way to right that. one of the things you don't bank account to reveal too many details in how they did it. there are more hostages including an american journalist they will probably use the same
1:44 am
methods to get them as well. >> greta: we're not hearing about, whether successful or not successful because of the secret nature of them other than this one? >> i don't think so. i think we're in an era where this white house is telegraphing the successes of the special operations unit. they one of ways they want to transition to smaller surgical raids. do the strikes that don't invest so much american blood and treasure. >> greta: congratulations to those that successfully carried it out. now a confrontation on the tarmac. just moments after air force one landed in arizona, president obama and jan brewer appeared to have a heated exchange. what cautioned the tension moments? it was governor's book. nice to see you. we've seen the picture. we had on greta while you are
1:45 am
pointing his finger right to his chest. what were you wru saying to him? >> i was trying to in a tone to welcome him to arizona. i was very pleased he was coming to arizona to see part of arizona's come back. i had written a handwritten note to him. to deliver welcoming him to arizona and to thank him for being here and gave him the letter. he immediately took umbrage with my book i wrote, score yons for breakfast and was disgruntled about the way he was portrayed in the book. >> greta: did he say anything to you, you got it wrong, you said this about me and this is not true? >> i said you read by hook. i said i read excerpts from it. the bottom line is, the book is factual.
1:46 am
the book is true. i want our borders secured. i want our nation protected. he wants amnesty. we'll never going to agree on that. i don't know why he was surprised by my book. he evidently is and thin skinned in regards to it. >> greta: one of the things you asked him to do, senator mccain and congresswoman gabrielle giffords recently resigned today have asked him to go to the border. did you bring that topic up with him to go to the border and take a look? >> i wrote that in my handwritten note to him. i try to talk about the arizona comeback and what we've done with the economy and great arizona is. i asked about the opportunity to be able to sit down and talk to him about it. again, at the end of my letter, i say and reiterated my invitation to come to the border and see what was going on.
1:47 am
i would buy lunch begin. it was great respect and signed my name to it. i was trying to be gracious to him. he just reacted in a very negative manner of which tipped me back, left me breathless to tell you the truth. >> greta: he hadn't read it but i'm curious after you had the exchanges when you put the finger in the president's chest, let's be friends, did it end well? >> i think i was in the middle of a sentence and he walked away from me. you know me, when i talk, i am animated and i talk with my hands. i suppose that the picture was probably shot when i was moving my hands around. it was just, in my opinion it was a terrible encounter to bring up the book that the
1:48 am
particular time. here we are talking about jobs and the economy. we're celebrating the growth and the comeback of arizona and he wants to go immediately to the book. >> greta: i got to go. thank you. hope you dpom come back soon. >> thank you. >> greta: gop candidates are doing it and now rush limbaugh across the golden state, where everyone has been unbelievably nice.
1:49 am
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. tax returns are the hot topic on the campaign trail but now rush limbaugh is the man somebody else's tax returns. >> does anybody know what warren buffett's secretary does earn? does anybody know what he really pays her? what is this whole plastic phony rock and roll stuff start any way. the notion is she is a pauper, what does she earn? they never tell us that. why doesn't demand if she is going to be used this way? i'll demand it. i want to see her tax return. >> greta: last night, warren buffett's secretary stat with michelle obama.
1:53 am
and chad each oh cinco watched the state of the union for the first time. he asked questions on twitter. one question was about john boehner. anybody notice the guy over obama's left shoulder is not smiling. he is not clapping with choy. when ochocinco learned it was boehner, he asked if he was okay. hello, mr. boehner, hoping you are in better spirits today. if all else is better in life. i love you. and this time he tweeted back. thanks and good luck in the superbowl. we'll see you the playoffs. go bengals. there the success of the rest. there the success of the rest. >> coming up an emotional [ degeneres ] what's more beautiful than a covergirl? two covergirls. that's right. get two miracles in one product. covergirl makeup... and olay advanced hydrating serum.
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>> greta: it was an emotional day on capitol hill.
1:58 am
friends and colleagues filled a house to pay tribute as congress woman gabby giffords resigned. she says she wants to focus on her recovery. one year ago she was shot in the head. six people were murdered in the mass shooting. today, giffords officially presented her letter of resignation to house speaker john boehner. her colleagues honored her service. >> she has brought the word dignity to new heights by her courage. >> we are inspired, hopeful and blessed for the incredible progress that gabby has made in her recovery. >> house of representatives of america has been made proud. by this extraordinary daughter of this house. >> giffords close friend read her resignation letter. >> the only way i ever served my district was by giving 100%.
1:59 am
i would add it's 150. this past year that is what i have given to my recovery. thank you for your patience from my first steps and first words after being shot to my current physical and speech therapy i have given all of myself to be able to walk back onto the house floor. however, today i know that now is not the time. i have more work to do on my recovery before i can again serve in elected office. this past year my colleagues and staff worked to make sure my constituents were represented in congress. but if i can't return to elect a u.s. representative who can give 100% to the job now, every day i am working hard. i will recover and will return. we'll work together again for arizona, and for all americans. sincerely, gabrielle giffords, member of c


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